Andrée Martineau, M.SC., B.A.A., C.C.

Consultant, Career Management Specialist

...A Catalyst for all your Professional Projects!

A creative and warm visionary, Andrée Martineau constantly receives wonderful comments wherever she goes...

"A quick note to thank you for your valuable advices. I was informed today that I has passed all of the stages in the competition and am now in the pool. As a result: I have been offered a permanent position!!! Your suggestions were excellent."

Sharon T., Business Analyst

"... I also thank you very much for your help with this! It made a big difference. I felt very prepared and there were a lot of very important suggestions that you gave me."

Nancy C., Manager, CIDA

"Your coaching on the preparation of my CV and cover letter, no doubt, helped in me being screened in to the competition. Also, when I met you to help me prepare for the test and interview, you gave a work plan that outlined the necessary documents to study and prepare. I went to the interview and conducted the test in a relaxed confident way. I am grateful to you for helping me increase confidence in myself in a personal and professional way."

Halim, Economist, NCC

Andrée Martineau,
Career Management Coach who is...

...A Researcher in Career Management

Graduate with a Master in Industrial Relations and a Bachelor in Human Resources from HEC-Montréal whose questioning is aimed at demystifying how organizations work and building customized strategies to support her clientele in their professional path.

Driven by her interest and her natural curiosity, Andrée is constantly working on developing her knowledge of human beings in order to support individuals who wish to be reconnected with their internal power. Member of the Québec Association for Professional Naturopaths (ANQ), Andrée experiments with the limitless power of the brain using various techniques, develops sophrologistic exercises to optimize human potential and intergrates universal laws in her interventions.

She is also a member of the Fédération internationale des coachs du Québec (FICQ) as well as the International Coach Federation (ICF), Andrée's intervention strategies are very efficient for helping employees reach their goals and satisfying their expectations.

...THE Specialist for the Federal Public Service

Always looking for new ways to help professionals in making the most of their talent and their life mission within the community, Andrée has accompanied, over the last 15 years, more than 1000 federal public servants at all levels (ie. AS, PM, EC, IS, CH, EX) for various departments (ie. CIDA, Health Canada, Foreign Affairs, Passport, HRDC, etc.).

Former public servant (1998-2003) and bilingual, she understands the organizational context, this bureaucratic organization's lingo and shares her advice in order for her clients to confidently climb the ladder whether it is for:

  1. Elaborating or reviewing one's career plan
  2. Looking for a job and how to apply
  3. Developing competencies

Concerned that anyone who is not in the right position does more damage to the organization and to himself/herself, employees can rely on her support especially those who wish to give a meaning to their professional life.

...An Inspiring Communicator

Because of the academic background and her diversified experiences, hundreds of people thoughout Canada, after being in contact with Andrée, have grown and are better equipped for facing professional challenges. Well-known speaker at the Réseau des Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi du Québec (RCJEQ) and for the Congrès national de développement de carrière (Cannexus), Andrée makes the most of the process she has been through with Toastmaster International (Communicatrice et Leader Compétente) when she facilitates various training sessions and seminars.

Author of reference articles on career management (Rayon de Soleil), a coaching guide on how to prepare for applying for a federal public service position (Virtual Coaching) and a series of information aids for exam preparation for the federal public service, without a doubt, Andrée is a motivating and energizing resource for yourself and your employees!

...THE person you need if:

  1. You are looking for an expert to support you in your professional evolution
  2. You wish to avoid making mistakes and wasting your time, money and energy in positions where your talents and expertise are not used to their full potential
  3. You are willing to develop your emotional intelligence through your life experiences in your work
  4. You are convinced that you deserve better...